Tactical 28.05.2019


  • Annett – worked a lot on the Tenna plan (doc here), published the article, am planning to chat with magicians on EthMagicians forum

  • Bohdan – can share credentials for Tenna github, starting to work in next Tenna tasks, starting with FAQ, then other features

  • Max – talking with Hudson from EF, waiting for the call

Max / Hudson is the main user, looking his feedback now

He's the main user, need to make it good for him first, otherwise won't work.

Annett / Article about Eth Governance

Pls give ideas about the article

What is the goal? Spread out the word about Tenna, teach people.

Max: can rework Lane's talk, but not sure how it will help

Bohdan: any word spread is good

Annett: chit chat with Mariano from Maker DAO.

Max / Tenna next features

Annett / What to do next?

  • Talk with Magicians on how we can help (our signalling group)

  • Reactivating the group (telegram / riot) for getting feedback and deciding on the next steps

  • Completing the bounties. We trust is already 200, on giveth it was 27/70 influencers, Griff might lower the number.

Annett / FAQ

  • Bohdan will comment, Max can help

  • Annett: pls share your ideas

Bohdan / Backlog prioritization

Priority is right, Max will propose the design for influencers table

Annett / How to engage people more

  • DMs

  • Newsletter

  • Gamification / badges

  • Paid ads