Oct 28

Max – Aragon. No updates

Max – Goals/Outcomes of tomorrows signaling meeting.

  • Product status + Feedback (limit time on the influencers feedback)

  • Context in which the magicians may want to know stances? When, how often and for which cases Discussion of latest issues: mining reward, ropsten and pushback of the hardfork

  • Backlog and feature priorities. Are there additional signals we can use?

  • Fishbowl discussion for the rest of the time

  • Wrap up

20 mins for presentation, then each 15 mins. Assign some note taker Thank you max for Taking Notes: https://hackmd.io/ryrqmlTdRiCwO4QoLowueQ

James – Proportion idea. Switch to USD, difference taken out of aragon bonus

James – Post Devcon plans. James can come to Kyiv for a week to work closer after we get funds

Max – Dgov group. Shared