Tactical 16.07.2019


  • Moloch Grant (Max) – we have a draft, Griff changed it a bit asked me to connect with advisors to get their feedback first. We have now Kevin Owocki, Mariano from Maker, Griff, Jamie Pitts
  • Add a plugin for Chrome to inject voting mechanics in EIP github interface (Bohdan) – the visualization is out, Bohdan checked out how to build the plugin
  • Creating more awareness about most important EIPs, importance of signaling and Tennagraph as the tools (Anett)
    • Max speaks about EthSignals at web3 summit dgov node
    • Ideally magicians council as well – Aug 20th
    • Anett is waiting for funds
  • Make cleaner website with more info (Max)
    • Max is waiting for funds

Bohdan / Feedback from Hudson

Got it )