Tactical 30.07.2019

Bohdan / Moloch grant

Rejected in the last day, Hudson couldn't vote on behalf of EF. Was some critics about only one EIP – lack of traction. Plan – reapply in some time after more traction maybe ~month.

Bohdan / Hackathon

Our goal: update the system with additional chrome plugin to be able
  1. 1.
    seeing voting results in the EIP github page
  2. 2.
    being able to cast a vote on-chain
  3. 3.
    and with influencer account
    • being to able to connect your twitter account with plugin
  4. 4.
    Receive notifications on EIPs that need signals and overall events
  5. 5.
    Own wallet for voting

Max / Relevant EIPs + What info we want to get

Need to talk to Hudson to define the EIPs we want to collect info on
  • What data makes good signaling
  • Which EIPs we need to focus on,
  • Need help with ethmagicians participation

Max / Website update

Added EIP 2025 voting