Sep 28



James -Ranking system

Anna: argument against, for the shipped product. Some groups are angry about being ranked, want an opt-out. Twitter already does it, many users play the game. Our project purpose was never to define who's important. We're experimenting with the system. We need to bring core devs as advisors, if we're not working with them – we won't accomplish much.

James: we're going to stick to primary sources only, we won't link to else. The ranking list won't be the first view of the stances. Ranking is not important, but understanding the very top thinks in 1 way, and the bottom in another provides some info. If decides to exclude people it would be the same in our app, if smbd decides to go private – we respect that as well. We'll be looking for other alternatives as well. No our opt-out for now, as we have no control over that.

Deam: same opinion

Max: is down for now, can be a persistent problem

Max -User Stories

Agree to define specs in the format: As %user% I want %feature% in order to %profit%

James: + We can check them with the user reps then

Deam - Web3

James filled the form