Tactical 06.05.2019


  • Bohdan: recovered all stances on tenna, fixed new API from hive.one
  • Max: talked to Anett, created a bunch of Hypotheses and sent to Hudson for review, did design for new tasks
  • Anett: thinking about the dashboard & creating a better website for us

Max / Annett onboarding + tasks

  • Wetrust– 300 stances on EIP 1057 in total (now 160) till Jul 1 (1.6 ETH)
  • Giveth – 70 different influencer stances (now ~30) (500 DAI)
Beware of fake accounts for the 1st task. Stances are added through the admin panel. Give your email – Bohdan will grant access and do a demo maybe.

Max / Support Plugin + Agent

Is it a good idea?
Anett: no
Bohdan: worked fine on the previous platform

Anett / Better website

Bohdan / Schedule of my work

Inform: can't allocate a full week this week.