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Easy/Fast/Cheap sentiment collection on controversial EIPs like
  • Switch to ProgPow
  • Lowering mining rewards in next hard fork
  • EIP-999, recovery of funds

Existent Solutions


Ethereum stakeholders

Early Adopters

  • EF
  • Devs
  • Miners


  • Twitter
  • Magicians Forum
  • Chats (incl. EthSignals chat)


App for creation/collection of network sentiment for better Ethereum governance. Enabling more perspectives through:
  • Coinvoting
  • Gas Voting
  • Rated influencer stances
Core Guiding Principals:
  • Coverage: Cover as many stakeholders with as wide a variety of signals as possible.
  • Direct Representation: Little to no interpretation of data.
  • Integration over Recreation: Work with partners from the community where technologies already exist.
  • Community: Encourage meaningful participation from the community to update and govern the website.
  • Historical Data Transparency: Leave a record of what happened to help researchers and historians.
The end goal is a community-curated hub that clears out some of the noise around key developments and decisions facing Ethereum

Key Metrics

  • Amount of votes
  • Github statistics
  • Ethereum Network statistics
  • Easy to find opinions from decisions makers on specific issue / proposals
  • Stats / info on Dapps
  • Info on Ethereum projects
  • Place to view / test the proposals (EIPs)
  • People trust the resource
  • A place where people can gauge what is going on in the community