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As a Researcher or Historian I would like to see how a decision was made about the network (Statements , coinvotes, etc...) at the time it was made in order to better understand the decision making process and inform how it may be improved.


One of our core principals is "Historical Data Transparency". This is because Tennagraph sits in the center of the decision history of Ethereum itself. To often retrospectively the answers to "why did we do that?" get lost and has little supporting data resulting in anecdotal accounts of what happened. Without good data on the decision making process there is no good way to evaluate the mechanisms for making those decisions. It isn't within our scope to provide the evaluation, but it is within our scope to provide the means to do this. Thus we provide an open historical archive that shows the changes overtime on the site.


While Git provides a great way to view a history over time and JSON is easy to work with it is too slow to run Tennagraph on natively. A solution is some hybrid system. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/e/2PACX-1vRp9R87ew8cyJKss8vleKNRyoG5mFUfqQJzY9gQL6ltGTd7PVKWiBa1dLEvJwo3ILsey-7LAu8f4kJY/pub?w=960&h=720
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