Apr 22


  • Product Validation (Max) – feedback from Luis, waiting for Hudson
  • ProgPow campaign + WeTrust (James) – Lane, Anna liked looking at the ProgPow stats

Max / Aragon Bonus Distribution + Further Funding Usage

James proposed:
Max: distribute like that, forget all debt, use all further funds for the development
Bohdan: cool

Max / ProgPow relevant?

Max: core devs decided already?
James: it isn't clear, but good for showing how tennagraph works
Max: deadline by which need decision?
James: hardfork (~Aug-Sep)

James / Mutlisig for Gitcoin

James: Need help knowing how to add guys
Max: Can be just resend address
Bohdan: will take a look and try to solve

James / Community Management

Anet Rolikova popped and wants to be the community manager, to moderate the stances. First job to unlock the wetrust campaign. Also Griffs 500 DAI after 70 influencers.
There were no stances for a week. Direct conflict of interest with Eth work. Will send another person as well.

Max / Short term Product Goals

UI Features. We plan at least 1-2 sprints to fix usability issues/minor improvements.
How much in the moderation.

Max / Long term Eth Identity

Bohdan: complicated by interesting
James: eventually can be good, to identify stances more clearly. Maybe mark influencers as Aragon / Miners... If the commmunity likes – we can put it to trustless, decentralize fashion.
  • Politeia
  • Build on github?

James / Further Aragon Funds

Find way to connect to Aragon to continue funding though the Nest grant.