Tactical 18.06.2019

Max / EthSignals vs Tenna

Working group EthSignals (or xSingals) for the organization name
Product named Tennagraph

Max / EthGov group or chat

Max / Mid term (3 month) goal

  • Max: Our tools are used at Eth core dev calls
  • Anett: secure $1k/mo. for community building, core devs check tenna for deciding on EIPs
  • Bohdan: core dev request features for Tenna, $2k/mo. (for 50% load)

Anett / Gitcoin grant

Need to be paid for some work
Max: Money only by request & preliminary agreement. Please submit your request for funding fo the next month, get ok to that amount and then you could get a part of that grant (paid in the next month).

Bohdan / Research updates