Tactical 04.06.2019


Max / List prev votes (carbon vote)

Playing with the carbon vote (on fees) – trying to extract more data.

Bohdan / Amazon account for backups

$1/mo. – use Max Card for that

Max / Use of funds from grants

Ask to wait with dev funding before decided with Hudson

Feel free to request funds for the community work for upcoming months.

@AragonFundraising – Dani/AragonBlack can help.

@Moloch – need to make a proposal

Max / Customer interviews

Make a specific set of questions for the customer interviews.

  • Have you used signaling platforms like Carbonvote (when, which)?

  • Have you used Tennagraph?

  • When / How often?

  • Which signals are most valuable to you (carbon, influences, gas etc)?

  • How did you get to know about Tennagraph

  • What are you missing on Tennagraph? (including website)

  • Whats the most confusing thing about Tennagraph?

  • What needs improvement/added?

  • What do you like about Tennagraph?