TennaGraph – Ethereum Signal Aggregator

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We need a website in the community that we can trust - a fairly high source of truth in terms of recognized people and their skill sets. The main point is to get a website that curates signals of high source of truth which can be used to get an overview of the overall community and its health. List of signals that are helpful and will help to pinpoint what the state of the community really is.

The end goal is a community-curated hub that clears out some of the noise around key developments and decisions facing Ethereum

Core Guiding Principals

Coverage: Cover as many stakeholders with as wide a variety of signals as possible.

  • Direct Representation: Little to no interpretation of data.

  • Integration over Recreation: Work with partners from the community where technologies already exist.

  • Community: Encourage meaningful participation from the community to update and govern the website.

  • Historical Data Transparency: Leave a record of what happened to help researchers and historians.

Success criteria

  • Github statistics

  • Ethereum Network statistics

  • Easy to find opinions from decisions makers on specific issue / proposals

  • Stats / info on Dapps

  • Info on Ethereum projects

  • Place to view / test the proposals (EIPs)

  • People trust the resource

  • A place where people can gauge what is going on in the community


  • Core devs

  • Dapp devs

  • Miners

  • Users

  • Nodes

  • Exchanges

  • Researchers


  • Place to view / test the proposals (EIPs)

    • Switch to proof of stake

    • Lowering mining rewards in next hard fork

    • EIP-999, recovery of funds

    • ...

  • Specific info on Ethereum projects

  • What ppls opinions are about specific issues

Types of signaling mechanisms:

  • Full-node counts

  • Mining hashpower

  • Token/coin staking/voting

  • Identity-based voting

  • Specialized TRC of active Ethereum Projects

  • Liquid Democracy modeled voting mechanism