EthSignals Manifesto



The project was inspired by the Phil Lucsok and Griff Green presentation at EthMagicians in Berlin on July 2018. The working group was formed shortly afterwards. The project was funded on Giveth by Griff Green, then with the Aragon Nest grant and later on GitCoin and WeTrust. Collectively over $43k was attracted for the development and community work. Currently the funds are managed through Aragon DAO. Info on the team:

  • Max Semenchuk. Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Partner at DGOV Foundation, 4IRE labs, #Decentralization, #Holacracy, #Lean, #DAO. (Twitter)

  • Bohdan Malkevych. Full Stack Web (python, vue.js, nuxt), Blockchain (ethereum, solidity) & iOS Engineer. (Linkedin)

  • Anett Rolikova. Has experience in marketing, community building, research. In recent months she has organized numerous Ethereum meetups, helped with organising eventsand has had a positive impact on the community. (Twitter)

The working group is advised by Hudson Jameson (Ethereum Foundation), Griff Green (Giveth) and Anna Rose (Zero Knowledge). The roles, strategy, reports and meeting notes can be found in the ethsignals wiki.

Find us on Magicians Ring & Telegram working group

Stakeholders and needs

  1. Foundations (EF, Magicians)

    • Quickly aggregate consensus around governance topics

  2. Developers (Core, Clients, Consensys, Parity, Status, Gnosis, Giveth, Aragon, Metamask, MyCrypto, Infura, Exchanges)

    • More efficient (scalable, functional, etc) protocol

  3. Miners

    • Increase returns on investments

  4. Coin holders

    • Price growth

  5. Users

    • Cheap transactions

    • High level of Security

  6. Team

    • Compensation

    • Recognition

Journey + Open Challenges


Identify specific stakeholder group stances

Based on the feedback from Jamie and Vitalik.

Can join metacartel to gather the app dev stances

Increase the volume of signaling

  • Creating more awareness about most important EIPs, importance of signaling and Tennagraph as the tools

    • Doing promotional campaigns in Twitter on specific EIPs (e.g. EIP-1559)

    • Manual verification and attaching influencers stances to Tenna

    • Engaging the EIP writers in signaling promotion

    • Create the guide "How to participate in the Ethereum governance"

    • Including overview/links in relevant media (coindesk, eth website, eth github and satellite resources)

    • Arrange talks on the conferences (e.g. web3, ethBerlin, magicians) & podcasts (e.g. Zero Knowledge)

    • Allow setting signal collection bounties from EF and other parties

    • Attract advisors into popularization (tweets why they advise us etc)

    • Create an agreement with major dapps dev on signaling

    • Making public report on the work

  • Add a plugin for Chrome to inject voting mechanics in EIP github interface

  • Make cleaner website with more info

    • Add the mission statement (example)

    • Add roadmap - with potentially numbers that we want to reach out - get

    • Add “about”

    • Add FAQs

    • Short description of EIP - but you can click on it and see it full afterwards

    • Add socials - twitter & telegram

  • Make educational media format (like video) with the EIP overview

Simplify the signal collection

  • List the open topics for signaling – Hudson?

  • Separate the influencers & majority opinion

    • Local / Manual signal collection on conferences

    • Connect more identity data

Increase the Team Capacity

  • Raise $5k / mo. budget for next 6 months – Fundraiser

    • Create Moloch request (Ameen, Griff, Jamie P, Yalda, Kevin, Hudson, Cassandra, Eric Conner EIP-1559 - need 4 votes)

    • Promote Gitcoin

    • ECF & EF

    • Aragon

  • Conduct regular reporting (progress, financial)

  • Open up a working group around the topic

  • Setup advisor agreements+process

    • Hudson

    • EthMagicians (Jamie, Boris?)

    • Gitcoin

    • Aragon

    • Griff

    • Anna


  • Governance: We use holacracy framework

  • Coordination: Be-weekly calls

  • Finance: **Cashflow is open




Assigned to

Holding the org purpose, people and resource allocation

Lead link


Communicate more awareness and recognition





Developing the product



Meeting outcomes are captured and clear

Recognize when coordination is needed



Ensuring meetings have a clear process and it's and easy to participate



Product is nice and usable